Leah Williams Weight Loss

There are always two clear ways to reach your destination; one that is long but plain and the other that is short but the bumpiest of ones.

Now the long one will take a great deal of time whereas the short one will take the least time possible to shift you from where you started to where you long to go. So which one would you like to choose?

Obviously, the one that will save your time!

But did you think for a moment that the shortcut was the bumpiest of both- which clearly indicates that there are definite chances for you to get hurt. On the very contrary, the long will take time, but will assure a safe landing.

So what route will you take now? The long one right! After all, we all wish to reach safe- regardless of time!


The process of getting lighter on feet is no different from any other process in life- which too, has two clear ways, either go for some procedures meant for people with obesity like bariatric surgery or do what people from the start have been doing, like altering their bad eating habits into good and investing hours in the gym every day. Both ways- weight loss is certain however, one will trouble your health to a serious extent whereas the other will cost you time- which one is better?

Indeed, the one that promises safety as none would accept to face serious danger caused by the treatment of a dangerous problem itself- unless, there is no other choice.

Hence proven, no shortcut, despite how science or technology based it is, beats a technique based on natural practices.


So here we are with another weight loss tale of a woman who has been rumored to resort to an unconventional method, owing to her sudden transformation. Who is she and how real are these rumors about her sudden weight loss, let’s get to know now!

Who is Leah Williams?

Leah Williams is a name known for all good reasons. She is a wonderful, full of life and charismatic network host whose love for her job is always apparent on the screen.

Williams is often praised for her beauty, particularly for her beautiful smile and hands that never go unnoticed by people watching her. However, the 48 years old is in news these days for some very strange, but ‘pleasant’ reasons.

Well, the reason is her obvious body transformation that her audience noticed in her recent appearance. This sparked a debate as people wanted to know how and what worked for Williams.

Few believed that the host underwent some surgical procedure whereas others remained skeptical and puzzled.

What motivated Leah Williams to lose weight?

Williams herself had asserted that she wears XL in size, but bravo to the lady who looked as gorgeous in weight, as she looks without her excess pounds now!

Few weeks back, the host responded to a praise pertaining to her different appearance by Joan Rivers’, stating that she has lost weight because she is working on it.

While the actual motive behind her slimming is yet to be revealed, it is assumed that the host geared up to negate the threats associated with excess weight.

How did Leah Williams lose weight?

Let us be clear, rumors about Leah Williams weight loss surgeries and procedures are entirely false. Even though, the host has never commented or detailed her weight loss story on media, she does hinted towards the method that helped her turn from size XL to size L today.

Basically, one of her Facebook followers questioned her about her surgery buzz, to which, the host responded that she did not go for any other method, other than restricting herself from sweets and all the fried foods.

Well, this sounds a very natural and a very useful approach for healthy slimming. Inarguably, Williams has set a good example for others who belong to the same race.

Fans reaction on Leah Williams’s weight loss:

As soon as her shredded appearance got into notice, her fans left no social media platform to appreciate her struggles.

Few of them expressed their love by saying:

I just saw her on Q2. She has lost a lot of weight, changed her hairstyle and looks great in her skinny jeans.

I don’t know whether Leah has lost weight or is dressing more appropriately in slim pants and tunics that flatter her.  She’s looked very nice recently.  I hope she’s lost “the belted look” permanently.

Leah sure DOES look like she lost a lot of weight.  What I don’t understand though is how these hosts lose weight so fast. 


Williams has proven that she is a struggler, a survivor who fought against her unhealthy weight by being patient enough to choose the long, healthy way. No doubt, her weight may not have affected her beauty in any way- but was a definite threat to her health that has been overcome for sure!